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Bø in Vesterålen the undiscovered gem.

Tne nature of this region rivals that of the much more famous Lofoten just to the south, but it's much less well known. And it's potantial as a sportfishing heaven largely untapped. It's never cramped on the water and you don't need to fight over the good spots.

Where are we

We start our tours from Fjordcamp in Bø on the western side of Vesterålen. Fjordcamp is also where we provide accomodation for our guests. From here you have boat acsess to the well protected 7 fjord system where we do a lot of our fishing as well as only a 10 minute boat ride to where the open sea starts.

What are we

We are primarilly a guiding company, but we will also plan and book severalm other services for your convinience. We'll take you fishing, drive you to the supermarket, pick you up from the airport, arrange accomodation as well as provide general travel advice for the region.

Why are we

We discovered this area many years ago by pure chance many years ago, and to our amazement we found very few places with accomodation and not a single fishing guide in the entire fjord system. This was not something we could allow to be left alona, a place like this need a flourishing sport fishing comunity.

Our goal is to make Verterålen and especially Bø a well known sport fishing destination.

Who are we

Jakob Rosenqvist


Jakob grew up on the Åland Islands in southwestern Finland. Fishing is something he has done since he could barely walk. He studied sportfishing at the Sportfishing Academy for 3 years and nature guiding at Umeå University for 2 years. He has been running JaRo Guiding since 2013

Sofia Andersson

Bookings and social media

Sofia comes from the outskirts of Gothenburg in southern Sweden. She studies to be an industrial engineer. But when she met Jakob she decided she wanted to try something new. She has found a passion for fishing and nature and fell in love with Vesterålen the first time Jakob brought her there.

Who do we work with


An excellent starting point and great accomodation. They also have facilities for cleaning and freezing fish.

A local farmer that arranges special events and makes local food.

An excelent local restaurant mainly known for it's whale steak.

Let's work together and make your trip one to remember for life